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Worthy Village holds volunteer trips to Guatemala throughout the year.  We stay in Panajachel on Lake Atitlan, and work in the surrounding impoverished villages. We invite you to experience what originally drove us to do Worthy work!  During your time in Guatemala, you will have the opportunity to do meaningful work, interact and share meals with locals, and learn about Mayan history and traditions.

Why Voluntourism?

Our trips focus on voluntourism: a form of tourism in which travelers participate in voluntary work. We believe that there should be an experience and impact on both sides of the equation: those who you help, and you. The trips are often described as “life-changing,” and that they are.

Private Trips for High Schools, Universities and Businesses

Worthy Village offers private volunteer trips to high schools, universities and businesses throughout the U.S. Special rates are given to chaperones and trip coordinators, please contact us for more information regarding setting up a private trip.

About the Trip

The focus of the trip is to teach the Worthy Village Healthcare Book. This book acts a guideline and curriculum. It covers oral hygiene and daily hygiene, hand washing, healthy living and eating, disease transmission prevention, and other crucial, life-saving topics. We teach and run seminars in schools, orphanages, and local community centers. Hygiene products and Healthcare Books are provided to each individual. We also practice delivering clean water filtration systems to families and schools in need. Our work days end in the mid-afternoon, and you are then welcomed to explore and experience the culture and beauty of Lake Atitlan.

1-2 days of the trip are “free days” where you have many options available to you. Some of the options are: horse back riding, climbing a volcano, attending a Mayan ceremony, zip lining, and more!

The cost of the trips varies from $1200-$1400 (+airfare) depending on time of year and requirements. Cost includes:

  • Comfortable apartment accommodations
  • Traveler’s insurance (Insured up to $2,000,000)
  • Private transportation (including to and from the airport)
  • Daily boat ride transit to/from villages
  • Breakfast and lunch food (some trips do not include this, please check with your trip coordinator to confirm)
  • Delivery and training of Sawyer Water Filtration Systems to families
  • Translators
  • Cultural excursion
  • Opportunity to run a health seminar
  • Teach in local schools
  • In-home visits with Mayan families
  • Meet our artisan partners
  • Living on Lake Atitlan, “The most beautiful lake in the world.”

Volunteering in Guatemala can truly be a life changing experience.

“Worthy work’ doesn’t fully explain the opportunity that Worthy Village brings. Not only are you helping those in need, beyond what you would ever see at home, you’re also building yourself. I can’t imagine ever looking at life in the same perspective. The price you pay to come here and help is worth every penny.”

Katie Gardner

Worthy Village Volunteer

“My trip with Worthy Village has changed my entire outlook on life. Being able to provide families with clean water, toothbrushes, toothpaste and soap was an indescribable feeling. I’m already planning to come back next year. I am so thankful for Worthy Village.”

Kristen Zmuda

Worthy Village Volunteer

“Starting my journey with Worthy Village was the beginning of something greater than any words or pictures could possibly explain. Memories and connections I made with my group are memories that I will hold dear forever. Working with Worthy Village has reminded me of what it feels like to be human.”

Carisa Ganski

Worthy Village Volunteer

2018 Trip Dates

  • January 6-13, Private UMD Trip
  • February 17-24, Private RHS Trip
  • March 3-11, Private Rotary Trip
  • March 11-18, Privately Organized Public Trip
  • March 24-April 1st, Private The Dalles HS Trip
  • June 2-9, Privately Organized Public Trip
  • July 21-28, Privately Organized Public Trip
  • July 28-Aug 4, Privately Organized Public Trip
  • August 4-11, Public Trip
  • September 15-22, Private Trip

2017 Trip Dates

  • January 14-21, Private UMassD Trip
  • January 21-28, Public Trip
  • January 28- Feb 4th, Privately Organized, Public Trip
  • February 4-11, Private Rotary Trip
  • February 18-26, Private RYLA Trip
  • March 4-10, Private UPenn Trip
  • March 25-April 2, Private High School Trip
  • April 14-21, Private High School Trip
  • July 29 - Aug 5, Private Trip
  • August 5-12, Public Trip
  • August 12-19, Public Trip

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