Ongoing Worthy Village Projects

Despite years of chronic instability and civic strife, Guatemala is a place of fiercely resourceful people who honor traditions, welcome visitors, and speak candidly about their lives. Sadly, women are among the most marginalized communities there. Unleashing their economic potential is central to growing their voice, improving their lives, and ultimately, strengthening their communities.

Artisan Partnerships

Partnering with over 60-skilled artisan women in Guatemala, we’re providing them and their families with economic opportunity.

Clean Water Initiative

Providing clean water filtration systems to the villages on Lake Atitlan who need it most.

Family Sponsorship Program

Create a personal connection with a family in extreme need. Sponsorship changes lives – for just $30/month.

Health and Hygiene Education

Teaching our proper health and hygiene curriculum in schools, orphanages and community centers.

Food Security

Providing schools with healthy meals, all sourced locally – creating economic opportunity for local farmers and food security for school children.

Annual Dental Clinics

Partnering with U.S. non-profit organization, Project Stretch, to provide full dental care to thousands of children on an on-going, annual basis.

Medical Clinics

Providing medical clinics with U.S. Registered Nurses and local Doctors to the communities on Lake Atitlan.

Wheelchair and Walker Project

Providing the elderly and disabled of Guatemala with the gift of mobility.

Green Schools Project

Creating playgrounds from all recycled materials for schools without and educating on the importance of recycling.

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