Family Sponsorship Programs

Create a personal connection with a family in extreme need. Sponsorship changes lives – for just $30/month.

Want to have a personal connection with a family in-need? Our Family Sponsorship Program allows you to do just that!

What We Do

  • We partner up with families on Lake Atitlan who are in the most extreme poverty and facing the most difficult situations. A social worker meets with the family and develops a profile on the family and what help they need.
  • Sponsorship is $30/month which allows us to send a social worker to meet with your family once per month, identify need and provide solutions.

What Your Sponsorship Can Provide for the Family

  • Monthly food deliveries/supplies
  • Medicine, vitamins
  • School supplies
  • Doctor visits
  • Shoes and clothing
  • Bed, furniture
  • Water filtration system
  • Emergency help and assistance

In exchange for your help, we will send you monthly or bi-monthly updates on the support you’re providing the family with, and photos. You’ll have the opportunity to come down to Guatemala and meet your family, and send letters if desired.


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