Clean Water Initiative

Providing clean water filtration systems to the villages on Lake Atitlan who need it most.

What We Do

  • By working with local clinics, our social workers identify families suffering from illnesses caused by lack of clean drinking water
  • We provide these families who are most in-need with Sawyer Water Filtration Systems that last 7-10 years and reliably provide clean drinking water
  • Worthy Village staff and volunteers teach our Guatemalan friends how to use the filter, clean the filter, and on reasons why it is so important to consume clean water

Worthy Village launched this initiative in January 2016. And since then, have provided over 2,400 people with access to clean water and counting. The results we have seen have been incredible in regards to improving quality of life, especially when it concerns the children.

How You Can Help

  • We have families waiting for filters. You can give a filter and change a family’s life. $60 will give a family clean water for 7-10 years. In exchange, you’ll receive a photo of your sponsored family(s) and a personal “thank you” message from them.
  • Volunteer with us in Guatemala! You’ll deliver filters to families in need and teach them how to use it, clean it and why it’s important.

Donate $60 Now to Buy a Filter